3d Digital Modelling & Rendering Techniques - Inclusive of Walk-Thru Animation

(Intermediate – Industry Level)

Course Content:

  • Advance modeling using lines, shapes and objects

  • Introduction to AEC extended

  • Managing object properties

  • Introduction to photometric lighting

  • Importing IES lighting files

  • Creating Ray-Traced Shadows, reflection, refraction to objects

  • Introduction to photo-realistic rendering and settings

  • Introduction to sunlight and daylight rendering

  • Construct interior scene with material mapping, photometric lighting


Walk-Thru Animation

  • Understanding animation

  • Render an animation

  • Output a still image

  • Create a walkthrough

  • Create a quick study animation

  • Change the number of frames in an animation


Duration of the Program


6 sessions at 2.5 hrs per session

(Total of 15 hours)