This course is intended to assist managers/executives/designers working in the creative industries to understand the fundamental principles of developing an effective design brief, proposal and quotation (BPQ) for Design Services.

The BPQ program focuses on the study and practical application is required to formulate and develop a brief that engages the client and initiates the design process. Skills learns will include identification, investigation, rationalization and evaluation of the pertinent facts that inform a prospective design project.


This program also covers the development of a proposal and quotation for design and design services. The skills learned will include preparing, presenting and negotiating the fee proposal and proposal terms to win and effect the service appointment.

The program aims to enhance the economic value of the creative industry, making it current, relevant and competitive, thus offering market value which will eventually benefit and encourage creative industry players to widen their scope of involvement in the global creative arena. 


The course will also enhance the participant's skills-set and knowledge-base, enhancing employability and thereby improving productivity in the creative industries.


Aim of the Course       


To equip participants with the necessary skills to develop a successful brief, proposal and quotation (BPQ) for a design project in the creative industries.


Learning Objectives


Participants having successfully completed  this program will be able to:

  1. Identify and evaluate information required for the formulation of a brief, proposal and quotation for design and design services.

  2. Investigate and rationalise design problems and issues for development of a brief, proposal and quotation.

  3. Develop the structure and information content for effective documentation of a design project in a brief, proposal and quotation.

  4. Negotiate the terms and quantum of a fee proposal, obtain client’s approval and effect the service appointment.


Duration of the Program  


3 full days 

(Total of 18 hours)

Course Fees 


Enrolment fee: $65.00

Course fee: $450.00

Minimum Number of Students Before a class Commences

Minimum 6 Students are required before Commencement of Classes.