The course is designed to translate the theories of design into reality through the placement of beautiful objects into perfectly planned spaces: where great design blends with carefully-selected furniture and pieces of art. There will be site visits to local specialist suppliers to research and evaluate availability of designer furnishings for use in interior design schemes, as evidenced in references, trade journals, magazines, exhibitions and seminars.


A resource sketchbook will be established to record ideas, collate information, images and visual or verbal stimuli for use in current and future projects. Participants will be involved in practical assignments and case studies, where they will familiarise themselves with the terms and definitions relating to the principles and methods of selecting furniture and accessories to achieve a desired effect.

Participants will learn the principles of design styles and their effects on the human mind. Theory will be reinforced through research, observation, and experimentation with particular emphasis on underlying design approaches, philosophies, constraints, influences and areas of innovation.


Aim of the Course


To provide the student with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to select objects, furniture and art to achieve the desired ambiance and functionality of a designed interior space.


Learning Objectives


Participants who successfully complete the program will be able to:


  1. Identify the physical, psychological, emotional, social and cultural responses to particular styles of interior design.

  2. Use a style approach with consistency. 

  3. Use furnishings effectively in interior design schemes.


Duration of the Program  


6 sessions at 2.5 hrs per session

(Total of 15 hours)

Course Fees             

Group class: $450.00 

Minimum Number of Students Before a class Commences

Minimum 6 Students are required before Commencement of Classes.