Digital Sketching & Rendering 




This course is intended for designers and those wishing to develop greater precision in their sketching, using Google SketchUp.  The software is an easy-to-learn 3D modelling program with a limited number of simple tools that help participants create 3D models of objects, furniture and interior space.


Incorporating hands-on tutorials, the course will teach participants the fundamentals of the SketchUp digital sketching software, where they will be introduced to the navigation tools, drawing tips, follow-me and offset tools, among others.


Aim of the Course


To equip participants with skills for using the latest digital sketching technology to fully explore, validate and produce stunning computer-generated designs.


Learning Objectives


Participants who successfully complete the program will be able to:


  1. Demonstrate a solid foundation knowledge of digital sketching and rendering software.

  2. Use and apply SketchUp to build 3D models on a basic level.

  3. Better conduct presentations and explain their concept designs to the client with greater clarity and detail.


Target Audience


Junior Draftman / Interior Designer / Senior Interior Designer / Design Manager

Project Cordinator / Executive / Supervisor / Manager

Architectural Associate / Executive / Designer

Retail Sales Promoter / Executive

Events Designer / Executive / Manager

Retail Sales Executive / Designer / Exhibition Designer

Furniture Sales Executive / Designer

Interior Architectural Designer / Landscape Designer

Showroom Promoter / Decorator / Designer

Stage Display / Window Decorator / Artist

Duration of the Program:


6  sessions of 2.5 hours per session

(Total of 15 Hours)


Course Fees


Enrolment fee: S$65.00

Course fee (per participant): S$450.00


Minimum and Maximum intended class size

Facilitation Resources and Aids Needed


Participants are advised to bring along with them:


  • Stationeries include a A4 Notebook with Pens.

  • Laptop with software download advise by school course administer before commencement of course.




Neat Casual wear (e.g. collar t-shirt, sweater, long trousers or jeans, sport shoes)