The course is designed for those who want to pursue their personal interests in interior design, and for the ‘general public’ to understand the language and scope of interior design. The course will also enable participants to master the skills of putting their own design ideas onto paper, and also to communicate them to others, so managing their contractors effectively.

The course will focus on design practicalities, design communication & project management skills to effectively fast-track participants into the creative and technical aspects of interior design. 

Aim of the Course


This course will help participants to be well-informed and knowledgeable about residential interior design. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to achieve an acceptable design for residential projects; and at the same time, understand the basics of project management which enables contractors to execute an effective construction process, saving time, cost and hassle.  


Learning Objectives


Participants who have successfully completed this program will be able to:

  • For homeowners/property owners – they will become an informed client; better understanding their designers’ language and able to use it to specify their design intentions in order to achieve their dream home/property. The program will also ensure that they get what they are paying for. Homeowners can also become their own interior designer, eliminating the arduous task of ensuring their hired designer understands their mind, by creating their own designs instead.

  • For individuals who have an interest in interior design and are considering a career switch – the course serves as an introduction to the professional world of Interior design.  Participants will be able to understanding the creative and technical aspects of interior design,receive a first-hand experience of it’s practice, and in the process evaluate the possibilities and skills needed to pursue the profession as a new career.


Duration of the Program          


6 sessions at 2.5 hrs per session

(Total of 15 hours)


Course Fees 


Group class: $450.00 

Minimum Number of Students Before a class Commences

Minimum 6 Students are required before Commencement of Classes.

Exemption Unit


DID008-1 Interior Design 1