Through this course, participants will learn to analyse needs, identify possibilities and develop plans for a renovation. They will also learn to view space as a concept and develop the possibilities of structure, space, and new uses for a residential plan.

The course will focus on the design processes used in analysing the client needs by creating responsive and functional interior design solutions in residential settings. The course will also cover the criteria for appropriate critical evaluation of a designed interior, including responses to user needs and functionality.

Aim of the Course

To develop new skills in analysing user requirements and building a design brief for a self-identified space.
Provide students with knowledge, skills and the attitudes required to increase the range and variety of creative options in the process of conceptualising, developing and justifying creative concepts for interior spaces.

Learning Objectives


Participants who successfully complete the program will be able to:


  • Produce a practical and responsive interior design solution for a self-identified interior design project.

  • Explore own interests and potential for future study and applications in interior design.

Duration of the Program


6 sessions at 2.5 hrs per session

(Total of 15 hours)

Course Fees 

Group class: $450.00 

Minimum Number of Students Before a class Commences

Minimum 6 Students are required before Commencement of Classes.