Dear Parents and Students,


Inspiration Design International School was set up on 14th February 1989 with the purpose of providing core skills for those who wish to practise design discipline as a professional in the various design industries. Since then, Inspiration has progressed to become Singapore’s premier private education provider for a wide range of design knowledge and skills, having graduated more than 3500 professional designers into the industry since its inception.


Inspiration Design International School dares to be different, has the courage to take on the challenge of good designing, and most importantly, aims to inspire graduates to become enterprising creative designers. 


As Singapore is constantly on an economic transportation and technological innovation, INSPIRATION continues to strive to offer relevant courses in the revolutionising industry. This allows our students to be equipped with knowledge and skills as they embark their a new chapter. 


Inspiration Design International School intends to hone its multi-faceted design students, who come from various cultures and continents, into well-equipped and creative designers, bringing diversity and dynamism into the quality of life.


I am confident that Inspiration’s growing bastion of well-trained designers will augment Singapore’s drive towards becoming a smart and sustainable city.


Once again, thank you for choosing Inspiration Design International School as your preferred learning institute.



Yours Sincerely,



Tay Chok Leng, Tiger

Founder & Principal

Tay Chok Leng, Tiger

Founder and Principal