Inspiration's Student Support Services aims to provide quality support for students, so that their welfare and interests are being taken care of while studying in Singapore.





Current students of Inspiration Design International School may approach any of our Course Consultants at the Front Desk for assistance on the following :


  • Course programme information

  • Purchase of stationery

  • Grievances, transfer and withdrawal

  • Student ID replacement

  • Problems encountered inside and outside of the school

  • Copy of transcript and certificate award

  • Submission of documents for absence from class

  • Payment of Miscellaneous Fees and/or Compulsory Fees for local students





We assist students in arranging for their entry into various institutions that provide higher and further education in Degree courses. We also help our graduates in referring or linking them up to potential employers.




The Student Orientation Program is conducted on the first day of the term for all new students prior to course commencement. The purpose of this is to explain to students the school's academic system, and to familiarise themselves with available facilities.


The Student Handbook will be distributed to students during this session, and the essential contents of the Handbook, such as Fee Protection Scheme, withdrawal procedures and the school's dispute resolution policy will be explained to students. All questions regarding course structure as well as other academic and administrative matters will be answered collectively.


There will be time allotted for individual consultation if required. The Principal, Academic Manager, and other staff will be available to answer any questions regarding courses and other student-related matters. By the end of the Orientation, students should have a clear understanding of what they will be undergoing throughout the entire course duration, in terms of course curriculum and school activities.


It is essential and therefore compulsory for all students to attend the Orientation, and attendance will be taken for this session. Photos of students will be taken for student identification card purposes. Only students with valid reasons will be excused from attending this session. They will be required to submit a Medical Certificate or a formal letter with official documented evidence to support their claims. A separate briefing will be held for these students to go through the important points of the Orientation programme, and to give them the Student Handbook.




Students can seek advice and help from any of the staff of the school. Alternatively, students with problems or concerns could also contact us at 6235 4345, Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm. Students may also call the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 24 hour hotline at 1800-2214444 for assistance.






The school encourages a close knit community amongst students enrolled here. Group activities such as celebration of student birthdays are carried out to foster a sense of community and belonging amongst the students.

Students are expected to treat fellow students and school staff with respect. The school strives to achieve the following basic principles of interpersonal behaviour.


  1. To focus on the conflict situation, issue or behaviour, not the person

  2. To maintain constructive relationships with staff and fellow students

  3. To take the initiative to make things better

  4. To lead by example

  5. To respect the property of the school and fellow students

  6. To refrain from using inappropriate language


All student services will be reviewed annually (scope, quality, effectiveness) based on students and staff feedback.


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